Form And Fate

Form and Fate are an instrumental post rock band from San Francisco,California. Form and Fate’s brand of post rock is epic, bleak, melodic and complex. Their music is a slow burn, starting out with restraint and then smacking you in the face with a wall of fuzzed out distortion. With three guitarists in the group they are able to build multiple melodic layers and they incorporate a variety of different instruments in their music like violin, cello and trombone. To quote the band “the name Form and Fate was derived from the process through which a lake is born. As the definition would imply, the music is something of a tribute to the turbulent ways in which new landscapes are formed, sometimes through dramatic and violent upheaval, sometimes through the simple, slow passing of time”.

They released their debut album The Form and Fate of Lakes on Three Ring Records in 2007 and in 2008 followed up their debut with a 5-song EP titled Recirc. In 2011 the band returned with the massive release Sol Invictus, which reaches into new sonic realms while remaining true the concept of their debut release, except this time instead of feeling like the birth of a lake, they are terraforming a whole planet. Form and Fate have drawn comparisons to Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai.


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Form and Fate most currently are:

Russell Adams - drums
Jesse Attix - guitar
Matt Deems - guitar, bass, speaking
Anotnio Matta - bass, guitar
Adam Myatt - guitar, bass, thrermin, keys, catman

At some point in the past these folks either joined us and parted or stood too close:

Brian Bickerton - bassing, casting spells that no one heard until it was too late
Benjamin Browning - vox, guitaring
Kevin McAuliffe - vox, guitaring, pianoing
Scott Eberhard - guitaring, smiles
Minus John Schmidt - bassing