Ventid in no way endorses moving to San Francisco from 3 different corners of the U.S. (New England, Southeast, & SoCal) and forming a band via an anonymous Craigslist posting in 2009. Nor does Ventid condone the natural union of 4 music vets with past projects as divergent as math rock, film music, traditional Arabic music, indie folk, post rock, bluegrass, surf, classical, metal, punk, and R&B. Ventid cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend music alternating from intricate to sparse, melodic to raw, organic to experimental, with a penchant for finding the natural groove in a tune that switches between 7 & 8 each bar. Ventid does not support naming a band after an acronym for oxygen toxicity. Ventid would think it hard to defend embarking on a Northwest tour in 2009 with ubber pals Tigon, & managing to get banned from an entire country (Canada) in the process. If asked to give their opinion on setting up an all-analog recording in a mental health clinic in the Tenderloin of SF, Ventid’s legal team would suggest they reply “No comment”.

I think I have two copies of “Rain Dance for your Wedding” on 12” vinly left. One of them is mine, you could have the other if really wanted it. Do you?

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